What Is an Editorial Calendar?

Aaliyah Amina
1 min readMar 31, 2021


An editorial calendar is a list of content you want to distribute or post on your website. You should include keywords so you can get a birds-eye view of your content strategy, as well as deadlines for the first draft, final draft, and publication. You can also include the type of content asset required and the expected length of it.

Your editorial calendar can work in conjunction with your social media calendar, or you can include social media marketing in your editorial calendar. This will allow you to see how all the elements of your inbound marketing strategy work together.

Why You Need an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar keeps your marketing efforts on track. It also provides clarity and accountability for your writers. They know what content you expect them to provide, when it’s due, how long it should be, and what keywords they should use.

You may also want to include any images, infographics, videos, or other visual assets that may be needed to supplement and complement the written content.

Let’s explore some of the additional benefits of creating an editorial calendar for your inbound marketing efforts.